Lodge Etiquette & Courtesies. Masonic Etiquette or Blue Lodge Etiquette, is largely unpublished as well as unspoken and very little written about how to conduct yourself so you do not look foolish or be regarded as disrespectful.

  1. Hats: Only the worshipful Master wears a Hat in the lodge. It is a symbol of his office.
  2. Gavel Raps: 1 Rap of the Gavel – Everyone standing should be seated, or if the Worshipful Master wants the lodge to be quiet. 2 Raps of the Gavel – Appropriate officers of the Degree arise. 3 Raps of the Gavel – Everyone in lodge that is physically able, stands.
  3. Lodge Prayers: The Chaplain or Worshipful Master will say “AMEN” after every prayer and the Lodge will respond with “So Mote It Be” which is an olde English term that we respond in an affirmative manner.
  4. Altar: You will notice that the space between the altar and the Worshipful Master is never violated, with the exception of degree work. This is done to assure the Worshipful Master may receive guidance from the Great lights on the Altar.
  5. Always Be Fully Dressed: Brethren do not enter their Lodge room either without their apron nor while putting on that apron…not even the tying of its strings. You will also notice that the officers of this lodge wear black or dark blue suits during ritual or degree work. It is not necessary for you to wear a suit or sport coat to a lodge but it is suggested you dress in a respectable manner for lodge activities. You are asked not to wear shorts, flip-flops, tank tops, etc
  6. Masonic Jewelry: Masonic rings and pins. It is suggested that you do not wear any Masonic Jewelry until you are a Master Mason.
  7. Stand When You Speak: No man sits while speaking in the lodge room, no matter if he addresses an officer or another brother.  When the Master recognizes you, you must stand up, and be recognized by the Master to speak.
  8. Talking: "Side" talk while a degree is being conferred is considered bad manners. Just as it is impolite to talk in a church, synagogue or mosque service, so it is improper to distract the officers, the workers in the degree or the candidate. Silence is the rule.
  9. Salute: Each of the brethren will salute the Master with the appropriate duegard and sign of that degree when they enter and when they leave the lodge room or any other Masonic lodge room. If the Worshipful Master is busy, you may also salute the Senior Warden. It shows your courteous respect for all that the Master stands for and shows that you acknowledge his authority.
  10. Balloting: Do not enter or leave the lodge room during a ballot. It is discourteous to leave the lodge room during a speech, during a degree, etc. There are several natural periods, such as at the end of one section and before the next begins, or when the Master puts the lodge at ease until the sound of the gavel. Then, and only then, you may leave the lodge without being considered rude.
  11. Voting is Mandatory: When an issue is put to a vote, all brethren should vote. A brother who does not vote is discourteous and the weak link in a strong chain.
  12. Correction of Verbal Errors: Lodge customs state that no one except for the Worshipful Master or his prearranged designee, may correct any mistake that may occur during the course of a Ceremony, and even he does so only when the error is a serious one. It is discourteous to point out others mistakes in front of the lodge brethren.
  13. Exhibit Good Posture: Good posture is necessary while within the Lodge room. Lounging, leaning and slovenly attitudes should be avoided. Poor posture is considered poor Masonic etiquette.
  14. Use Proper Masonic Names: It is common courtesy to be accurate in speaking a brother’s name, so it is proper Masonic etiquette to address officers, members, and visitors by their correct Masonic titles and addresses.
  15. Entering Lodge After Meeting Has Begun: If a brother should enter the Lodge after the opening ceremony is under way, he should go to the Altar to salute the Master with the appropriate duegard and sign of that degree. If he must leave before the meeting is over, the correct Masonic etiquette of his departure is that he should salute the Presiding Master at the Altar before he departs. The salute should always be given properly and not in a careless or perfunctory manner.
  16. Turn Cell Phones Off: All cell phones should be turned off before entering the lodge room so as not to disrupt the proceedings.
  17. Masonic Regrets: If a Lodge officer is expected or required to attend a meeting or an event and can not attend, for whatever reason. It is proper Masonic Etiquette to send what is termed, a "Regret". The regret is sent to the Lodge Secretary or Presiding Officer of the Lodge or simply reply via mail or email if the invite was requested by mail or email. The regret should always be given and it is considered discourteous not to reply.